|14 September 2021|

Second edition of the comic book/learning package “De scarabee en de geheimzinnige ziekte”

Thanks to Samenweten (KNAW), members of our group are now involved in developing the second edition of the comic book and learning package “De scarabee en de geheimzinnige ziekte”, which aims to get Dutch children in contact with the scientific process. This edition will include additional material, such as animations or videos.

|06 September 2021|

Beginning of the academic year, wadlopen

Today is the beginning of the new academic year, and we have new master students starting their projects with us. Check the members page to see all the new faces!

To welcome everyone, and as a covid-safe group activity, we went to Pieterburen to do the typically dutch wadlopen (mudwalking). Good chance for a new group photo!

|28 January 2021|

New outreach video by Annemarie

Annemarie continues with her outreach in her Faces of science blog, this time with a vlog where she explains (and demonstrates) popular chemistry experiments that you can do at home. Find her video in our outreach section.

|7 January 2021|

Marleen featured in Eye-openers

Marleen participated on the website , in which researchers explain their projects in the short space of one-minute. Find her video in their website or in our outreach section.

|10 December 2020|

New group picture!

With the group growing more and more, we wanted to start 2021 with a new website design and a new group picture. Even if we cannot be all together, at least we can be in space! Check our members page to be updated on all the new incorporations.

|09 September 2020|

Gosia wins a NWO XS grant

Gosia was awarded a NWO XS grant of 50.000 €, for her project  ‘3D Printed Human Trabecular Meshwork’. In this project, she will use her expertise in 3D bioprinting to build synthetic mimics of the Human Trabecular Meshwork, a structure involved in Glaucoma. These mimics could be used to test new drugs and treatments or as an injectable replacement for damaged ones. Congratulations Gosia!

|26 August 2020|

New paper from Gosia in Bioprinting

A new paper from Gosia was published in the journal Bioprinting, about the 3D printing of alginate-based scaffolds and a new protocol to image them using SEM. Check it out here!

|29 June 2020|

New article in Langmuir

A new article with contributions from the group, together with researchers from Wageningen, was published about enzyme encapsulation in coacervate core micelles (C3Ms). Read more about it in Langmuir (

|02 June 2020|

Review from the group in Advanced Functional Materials

Annemarie, Anton, and Marleen, together with Wiebe de Vos, published a review in Advanced Functional Materials about the state of the art of polymer-based antifouling coatings.(

Congratulations to all the authors! Looking forward to adding more of our research to this exciting field

|12 March 2020|

Annemarie elected as new ‘Face of Science’

On the 14th of January, colleagues, friends and family were invited to the inaugural lecture of Marleen Kamperman. Today, she would officially be ‘crowned’ professor! During the lecture, she presented her research, ‘kunst van het afkijken’ (‘drawing inspiration from nature’), but she also discussed her future plans and ambitions. To celebrate the special occassion, a delicious dinner was organized afterwards. All in all, it was a very inspiring and emotional day, and we are happy to have been part of it. Congratulations and good luck, Professor Marleen Kamperman!

|14 January 2020|

Inauguration Marleen Kamperman

One of our PhD students, Annemarie Maan, has been elected to join the ‘Faces of Science’, as was announced officially yesterday on the KNAW website. Faces of Science is a collaboration between NEMO Kennislink and the KNAW / De Jonge Akademie. As a Face of Science, Annemarie will share her experiences as a (polymer) chemistry PhD student. To do this, she will write a blog and/or film a vlog each month, in which she will tell about her adventures in the lab. All Faces of Science have their own page on the website. This way, high school students can be informed about the ins and outs of doing research, and hopefully be motivated to persue a career in science. The Faces of Science will not only go to high schools to talk about their research in person, but are also invited to talk at science festivals and other public events.

The news has also been shared on the RUG website.

|10 December 2019|

Marleen Kamperman wins ERC Grant

Congratulations to our Professor, Marleen Kamperman, who has been awarded with a personal grant of €2 million. This grant, supported by ERC, is awarded to outstanding scientists, with the aim of stimulating ground-breaking research in Europe. More information can be found here.

|20 November 2019|

Front Cover

Congratulations to Anton Hofman, whose cover has been accepted as the front cover of the 45th Issue of the Polymer Chemistry Journal. The cover can be found here.

|30 September 2019|

New Publication

Congratulations to Anton Hofman, who published a new article in the Polymer Chemistry Journal. The article is titled A mild and quantitative route towards well-defined strong anionic/hydrophobic diblock copolymers: synthesis and aqueous self-assembly (DOI: 10.1039/C9PY01227C ).

|20 August 2019|

The University of Noorderzon

Every summer, the Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival returns to Groningen, including ‘Northern Lights: The University of Groningen’. This year, Young Academy Groningen (YAG) invited us, the Kamperman group, to introduce kids to chemistry. Via the concept ‘learn by doing’, the young scientists could try out all kinds of experiments in our Magical Molecules booth. They helped us solve the mystery on how to easily separate salt from pepper, made beautiful artworks in milk and got their hands dirty by playing with cornstarch in water. Every 20 minutes, a colourful demonstration showed the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into water, better known as foamy elephant toothpaste.

After being scientist for a day, the kids received a special University of Groningen certificate. In total, +/- 1100 kids and adults visited the University of Noorderzon this year.

|04 April 2019|

Annemarie Maan wins Strating Award

One of our own PhD students, Annemarie Maan, has won the Strating Award for best-written colloquium of 2018. Congratulations!

RuG News – Annemarie Maan wins the strating award (backer foundation)

|11 February 2019|

Research Minute YAG – Marleen Kamperman

Members of the Young Academy Groningen share their passion for research in a ‘Research Minute’, this time featuring Marleen Kamperman, Professor Polymer Sciences, ZIAM, Young Academy Groningen member 2018.